Hey there! You’ve stumbled on my web pages! This site is a collection of writing that I’ve done or collaborated on. A lot of this is done through Journaling Games. Below are the links to the different games, as well as links where you can buy them.

The Games

The first one I did was Apothecaria, you can see that by clicking the cover image below. To buy it head to the store link here.

You can also see the interlude played using The Teapot: Slightly Steeped, a preview version of the full game, which is coming soon, by clicking the cover image below. This is set in the same world as Apothecaria but is a standalone story.

What are Journaling Games?

Journaling Games, Solo Journaling Games, Solo Games etc.

These are all names for Tabletop RPGs (think D&D) but that are aimed at a single person playing them. These games are far more narrative than games like D&D because there’s no Game or Dungeon Master. Instead, you create a story by following prompts and answering questions that are in a guidebook. Sometimes these games make you draw cards or roll dice to pick a more random outcome, sometimes you just pick what you want.

They can be thought of like curated writing, somewhere between playing a game with others and just writing a book.

There are hundreds of types and systems, and some great games out there.

Where else can you find me?

Easiest way is my Mastodon account, feel free to give me a follow! All of my blogs are also on the Fediverse so you can follow them for updates as they happen.